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Dongguan Sheen Electronical Technology Co.Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which dedicates to develop,produce and sale of Thermally Conductive plastics and thermal conductivity materialS.And it is the strategic partner of South China University of Technology institute of polymer materials.Existing SP series of thermal phase change material, SF series of thermal gap filler material, SA Series of thermally conductive Tape, SU Series of Nano carbon copper foil tape and SG  More >>

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The Sf Series thermally conductive interface materials are applied to fill the air gaps between the heating elements and the beat dissipation fins or the metal base. their flexibility and elasticity make then suited to the coating of the very uneven surfaces. Heat can transmit to the metal housing or dissipation plate from the separate elements or even the entire PCB, which in effect enhances the efficiency and life-time of the heat-generating electronic components.
SE series thermally conductive gel is a soft silicone resin thermally conductive gap filling material, with high thermally conductivity, low heat resistant and good thixotropism, it is a ideal material used for the big gap tolerance application occasions. The thermally conductive gel is filled between the cooling electronic components and heat sinks/shells to make it contact well, reduce heat resistance and lower the temperature of the electronic components quickly and efficiently to extend the use life of electronic components, and enhance its reliability. This series product has one component and two-component, can be applied by manual process or dispending equipment.
The products are mostly used for bonding heat dissipation fins, microprocessors and other power consumption semiconductors. This type of adhesive tape possesses ultimate bonding strength with low thermal impedance, with which in effect can be able to replace the method of lubricating grease and mechanical fixing
Thermally conductive silicone based compound is a one component paste like interface material, never dry; it is designed for general applications, to conduct heat from heat generating devices to heat sinks or chassis. The compound is heavily filled with blended thermally conductive metal oxide but remain non-electrically conductive property.
Thermal Silicone RTV has high bond strength to coherer、alloy、ceramic、glass or plastic surfaces, and has good thermal conductivity. It can harden at ordinary temperature, then the elastomer is Electrically isolated and ageing resistive.
Is a thermally conductive phase change material having a softening temperature of 50-65℃ . The liquid phase of the material can fill interface irregularities with much higher efficiency than traditional gap filler .On the other hand, it is a solid at room temperature and can be handled easily during installation.
The Phase change thermal conductive grease is a kind of high thermal conductivity of phase change materials, room temperature for mud state, when the temperature exceeds a specific range, the thermal conductivity will soften phase change materials into paste, To provide excellent wetting property, to fill the chip cracks and bubbles for the radiator and irregular surface, have excellent interface weatherability. SP560-30 Phase change thermal conductive grease can also minimize the interface thermal resistance, to strengthen the cooling, keeping better performance in the reliability test, and its highly competitive advantage cost makes this kind of phase change thermal conductive grease be used widely.
Heat conduction, form a good heat conduction pathway between the heating element and the the cooling device,form a heat dissipation module with the heat sink and the fixed parts (fan) of structure ,etc.
The thermal silica mud for a one-component thermally conductive material, with good deformability, thermal conductivity, insulation and weather resistance, suitable for general electronic equipment on the thermal conductivity of the function.
Thermally Double-Component Ilicone (Polyurethane) have the properties of thermal shock resistance,excellent electric properties,and low water absorption.They have deep hardening performance,and High bond strength to coherer、alloy、ceramic、glass or plastic surfaces.
The Foam Silicone foam evenly, the density can reach 0.3-0.85g/cm , Shore hardness is 5-85C. It is Environmental protection non-toxic no bad smell, good resilience and flexibility, the surface has not bubble and air hole. AOTEMAKE Foam Silicone has high strength and long useful life, it can be long-term used above 300 ℃ without deformation. The Foam Silicone plate is electrical insulating environmental, resistant to high and low temperature, resistant to compression, resistant to Acid and alkali, anti-aging and uvioresistant.
The Airgel adhesive is the lowest density of artificial foaming material in the word be known. It can extract the liquid in the gel composition by critical drying method. This method can make liquid slowly take off, but it won’t make the solid structure attrition crushing because of the capillary action. The Airgel adhesive is obtained by American scientists Kistler as early as in 1931. The Airgel adhesive has many kinds, like silicon series, carbon series, sulfur series, metallic oxide series, metal series and so on. The Airgel adhesive has many excellent properties, the thermal characteristics has the most attention and industrial value. It is honoured as super thermal insulation material, Airgel blanket and Airgel plates are the main forms of application for heat insulation.



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